Our Team

It takes a collaborative team of professionals to give you the financial advice you deserve. Lauren has developed a network of trusted relationships with independent attorneys, accountants, bookkeepers, psychologists, insurance brokers and other service professionals who have a proven track record of providing top quality client service and advice.

When you become a Sigman Financial Fitness® client, you open the door to an integrated team of people focused on only one thing: what’s best for YOU. Whatever your needs, Lauren knows the perfect professional to help you execute that piece of your financial plan. And, she will be there every step of the way as “project manager” to make sure you get the results you expected.

Fee–only money management services for Sigman Financial Fitness® clients are provided by All Season Financial Advisors, (“ASFA”) an independent registered investment advisor with over $175 million in assets under management. (Including Lauren’s own retirement funds!) Lauren is also an employee of All Season Financial Advisors, and provides comprehensive financial planning services to ASFA clients.

Headed by strategist Samuel F. Jones and Sean Powers, the diverse investment strategies at All Season Financial Advisors are uniquely designed to manage market risk through trading and hedging techniques, making them especially suited for today’s volatile markets.

“Wealth Management” clients, individuals with $1,000,000 or more in assets under management at ASFA, are eligible for complimentary annual tax preparation, estate planning and financial planning services. But even if you don’t have $1,000,000 of assets under management, you will always receive top quality advice from Lauren’s team of trusted advisors.

Referrals to Lauren’s team are made based on your needs. You directly contract with these professionals, although Lauren is also happy to work with your trusted advisors already in place.