Divorce Solutions

What will your divorce settlement really look like on a day–to–day basis? Many years from settlement date?

During your divorce settlement negotiations, have you ever found yourself wishing there could be in-depth discussions on “what if” and “what should I do next” scenarios?

Divorce settlement negotiations are based on your current financial situation. What does it take to be sure your settlement will meet your projected, long–term financial needs as a single person, well beyond the settlement date?

Working with Sigman Financial Fitness® will help you move toward an equitable settlement, where you can establish your own financial roots with confidence and with a vision of what your life will be like post–decree.

Financial Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce Settlement

Pro advice from Sigman Financial Fitness

It’s common to focus on immediate financial concerns, yet it is the long-term financial consequences of divorce that frequently are more devastating.

Divorce Resolution Planning™ Services

A review of your marital spending habits and lifestyle priorities and a look forward to establish a post–decree spending plan allows you to help negotiate an equitable settlement. Unconstrained by your attorney’s hectic schedule, you will have free reign while working with me to discuss financial implications of various settlement scenarios–and any other “what if” or “what should I do next” scenarios on your mind.

The marital home, an illiquid asset that costs money to maintain, is typically an emotionally–charged issue. Proper financial analysis of the marital home during the divorce resolution phase will determine the best results for both spouses and their children.

Post-Decree Transition™ Services

Here I help you deal with the reality of your settlement and transition to independently managing a household. Day in and day out I assist you in acquiring new financial habits so you can confidently move on with your life. Here’s a snapshot of a typical experience you’ll have when you work with me:


A “plain language” presentation of all financial decisions you must make during settlement, and mental preparation for actively participating in the decision–making process.


  • Advice on how each proposed settlement negotiation will affect your financial health–now and in the future.
  • Translation of legal and financial jargon into understandable, specific life scenarios so you can take timely and appropriate action.
  • Coaching to help you maintain a clear, rational, and informed mind so you can productively move toward an equitable settlement.


  • A well–crafted post–decree action plan plan so you follow through on all details of the Separation Agreement.
  • A detailed depiction of new spending habits you must acquire to maintain a comfortable life style post decree.