Divorce FAQ

What is a divorce financial planner?

On the grand scale, a divorce financial planner coordinates your lawyer’s settlement negotiations, which are based on your current financial situation, with a financial plan of action, which is based on your projected financial needs as a single person, five–, ten–, twenty–years beyond the settlement date.

On a practical level, a divorce financial planner is the rational voice guiding you through financial decisions in which you must participate, informing you how they will affect your long–term financial well–being, and what new habits you must acquire to maintain a comfortable life–style post–decree.

When should I hire a divorce financial planner?

Before you become overwhelmed by the legal process and question your ability to make sound financial decisions that can affect you for the rest of your life.

What can I expect from working with a divorce financial planner?

A decision–making and action–planning environment void of emotionally–driven behavior that engulfs this supremely difficult and disruptive time of your life.

I already have a financial advisor. Why should I hire another one?

On a professional level, divorce financial planners have combined academic and practical knowledge of divorce laws and their financial ramifications; and scenarios for dividing the spousal assets equitably for your long–term financial well–being.

On a practical level, a divorce financial planner is a new pair of eyes on a financial situation you’ve been in for a long time, with your former spouse. If you have any concern about your current planner’s bias toward that spouse, you will be well–served to engage services with a new Certified Financial Planner™.

What would my attorney look for in a divorce financial planner?

Your attorney will most likely look for a divorce financial planner:

  • with top–rate negotiation skills
  • with experience working with divorce laws
  • with the ability to translate legal jargon and how it affects your long–term financial well–being
  • who provides FEE–ONLY investment management services
  • who allows your attorney to practice law without interference
Why would I want to hire Sigman Financial Fitness®?

You will walk away from Sigman Financial Fitness® with a settlement that is equitably fair, a vision of your financial future as a single person, the tools to move forward in a productive manner, and the ability to take care of your long–term financial needs without fear or anxiety.

For information on specific issues Sigman Financial Fitness® addresses during divorce financial planning, please read my article: Financial Mistakes to Avoid in a Divorce Settlement