Post-Decree Action Plan

Implementing a Separation Agreement on your own can be daunting, yet it is essential that you take action immediately. Here are some of the action items I can guide you through, even when you must do them for the very first time.

    1. Set up accounts and expense categories in Quicken.
    2. Track your spending by each expense category and develop a budget using the Quicken budgeting tool.
    3. Track cash flow monthly.
    4. Routinely review Separation Agreement–make sure each party is in compliance.
    5. Select proper asset allocation and invest divorce settlement funds for short– and long–term needs.
    6. Monitor your investment performance and make sure you are not outspending your nest egg.
    7. Manage process of separating one household into two, such as updating:
      • auto, property and life insurance policies
      • investment account beneficiaries
      • checking and saving accounts
      • cancel joint credit card accounts, establish new credit in your own name
    8. Sell the marital home (if required), qualify for a new loan, purchase a new home.