My 2 Cents

When Is The Right Time To Engage The Services Of A Financial Planner?

Time is our friend. The more of it we can commit to planning for the future, the greater the probability of achieving our goals. Typical life scenarios that bring clients to Sigman Financial Fitness® are:

  • The Ahh Hah Moment: You realize that your financial position needs to be improved but you’re not sure where to start.
  • Too Many Choices, Not Enough Time: You accept that there are simply not enough hours in a day to evaluate thousands of financial products and services, an increasingly complex decision making process.
  • The Wake Up Call: You experience a major life event such as kids entering college, loss of job, marriage, divorce, a windfall inheritance or death of a family member.

I Already Have A Financial Advisor. Why Should I Hire Another One Just For My Divorce?

On a professional level, divorce financial planners have combined academic and practical knowledge of divorce laws and their financial ramifications; and scenarios for dividing the spousal assets equitably for your long–term financial well–being.

On a practical level, a divorce financial planner is a new pair of eyes on a financial situation you’ve been in for a long time, with your former spouse. If you have any concern about your current planner’s bias toward that spouse, you will be well–served to engage services with a new Certified Financial Planner™.