What Is “Financial Fitness,” and Why Would You Want It?

Most of us lead full, happy, and successful lives, but time is still our scarcest resource. It’s easy for important things to get left out—or left behind. For some of us, it’s our personal health and fitness—and for others, it’s our money and financial affairs.

We tend to have contradictory relationships with money. We say money is not the most important thing in our lives, yet we spend much of our time making it, spending and saving it. But ultimately, we end up needing money for every important life event—whether it’s buying a home, educating our kids, starting a business and most significantly, what we all need to do someday—retire.

So in many ways, our finances are like our health and fitness, in that we aspire to do better. Similar to the way a personal trainer might help with fitness goals, the right financial planner will help us achieve our objectives faster, with fewer mistakes and with less risk of injury.

The world of money and finance is amazingly complex. There are so many ways to go wrong, and no one way to get it right. Certainly, there is no shortage of advice out there about financial planning, cash flow management, and all the other critical elements of our financial lives. The problem is that much of the advice is coming from friends who don’t really know, or “experts” who have something to gain from the advice they give.

So what’s the answer? Are you looking for a financial planner in Denver? Is there a better way? How do you break through the clutter, confusion, the charlatans, and your own lack of time to figure it all out?

At Sigman Financial Fitness®, we genuinely do have a better way.

It starts with creating an individual financial strategy based on the reality of your life circumstances, not obscure projections or a coffee table book filled with charts and graphs. And it ends with a financial advisor you can always count on as your life unfolds over the years.