Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow planning is probably the most overlooked and most unexciting part of financial planning. But it is the absolutely most essential part of the retirement planning process, and one of the few places where you have a great degree of control over what happens!

If you don’t know how much it costs for you to live in now, or in retirement, it’s pretty difficult to figure out what your priorities should be, when you can retire, and what kind of lifestyle you can afford, today and in the future.

Not only are we living longer, but we must consider the state of our health as we age and the costs of home care or assisted living facilities, rising Medicare Part B premiums, and the cost of prescription drugs.

Cash flow planning is where a good financial planner can help you feel more secure about meeting your goals, no matter what age you are.

Just as you would not embark on a vacation without an itinerary, it’s hard to imagine thinking about retiring without a life plan in place for how you plan to spend your hard earned savings.