Real Estate & Mortgage Finance

Lauren Sigman is a real estate and mortgage expert—a plus for Sigman Financial Fitness® clients—since home ownership is the single largest asset on most people’s balance sheets, and the associated mortgage debt is usually the single largest liability.

Because Lauren is focused on cash flow planning, and not simply investing, her primary interest is in making sure all your assets, whether it’s a home or a mutual fund portfolio, are working hard for you.

As a Sigman Financial Fitness® client, you will get the most out of working with your real estate agent; make responsible financial decisions about potential acquisitions, and obtain the most suitable form of mortgage financing, given your overall financial objectives.

The vast majority of mortgage brokers do not have the background or training to advise a client on how much mortgage debt should be part of an overall financial plan. However, because Lauren is trained as both a CFP® and a real estate professional, she is comfortable helping clients with these decisions.

Lauren works with a select number of independent mortgage professionals on a referral basis to make sure that clients receive the very best service and loan terms available in the market.


Securing Funding for Home Renovations

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Newly Weds' Buy Their First Home Together

After going through a wedding, a layoff, and starting a business, Josh and Maria were questioning their ability to move forward with a house they were building.