Sigman Financial Fitness® is to thank for the house Josh and Maria (names disguised) live in today. After going through a wedding, a layoff, and starting a business in a 6 month period, the couple was questioning their ability to move forward with a house they were building. Sigman Financial Fitness® offered to help them make that determination, and it became obvious very quickly that moving forward with the house was not in their best interest.

Sigman Financial Fitness® Advice:

Pulling out of the house would leave them homeless, as they had already sold their current house in anticipation of moving into the new one. They needed to go house shopping, and Sigman Financial Fitness® provided a series of spreadsheets that depicted different mortgage scenarios to help them understand the financial impact of each new house they looked at with their real estate agent

The house they chose had some water damage that needed to be repaired prior to closing. This elongated the closing cycle. Approximately 5 months after their initial consultation with Sigman Financial Fitness®, they were finally ready to close. Lauren Sigman was there too, as she is with all her clients. During the closing, she discovered that the mortgage rate was incorrect on the document. While everyone sat at the table enjoying doughnuts, Lauren was able to get the documents fixed and faxed over, so that the closing could still happen that morning.

Once in the house, Lauren recommended they consolidate some debt using a low–interest rate second mortgage. Consolidating this credit made the debt much more manageable, and that loan is now paid off.

More than 5 years later, the couple’s financial health is much stronger, and they are grateful they started working with Sigman Financial Fitness® when they did. Now they are considering moving to a new home to accommodate their growing family of 3 children, and are counting on Lauren yet again to help them make a sensible financial decision.